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Rock the Detox Masterclass

How to work on your energy for the best emotional, mental, + physical health in you and your space as a creative.

What you'll get:

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  • BONUS eBook
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Move forward. Believe in you, and what you can create. 

What People Are Saying:

“Rock the detox has truly helped me put my life back in order. In April of 2019 I was all over the place mentally, physically, and emotionally. I was super stressed out because of my job, with the finances not knowing what I was going to do. Then physically I kept going back-and-forth with my weight, going up and down couldn’t manage it. Emotionally I was just constantly sad semi-depressed, mentally I was unable to keep focus I was surrounded by so much negativity. I knew I needed to stop finding excuses and actually start putting in the work that I was learning about through the program. The changes and shifts that were made were me cutting out any negativity out of my life and that included people and removing myself from situations that were filled with drama. I decided to actually apply for school to finish my last year instead of just talking about it. Now I’m back in school. I decided to truly detox my life completely because you need to cleanse every area of your life to make it better. I also choose to live a healthier lifestyle. So I cut out meat for a month and lost 10 pounds. Most importantly I started believing in myself again. This detox allowed me to be in a better place I my life. I am in a better position at my job I got the promotion I was fighting for the past two years. I’ve had less drama in work and personal life. I am surrounded by positive people. Making these changes have caused me to feel a lot more confident and amazing and I’m able to actually go out and have fun and enjoy myself now. I am working toward my degree to have my own business. ”

Stephanie C.

“I joined the rockthedetox program as a way to shed a few pounds. I made one green smoothie for breakfast and another for lunch drank 32 oz of water every 3 hours each day then had vegetables for dinner. The hardest part physically was the first 8 days After that I had a noticeable boost in energy and the hunger cravings resolved. The unexpected part of the experience was the emotional journey. It was almost as if when I started to value, care for and prioritize my own needs something in the universe shifted. I discovered I can be an emotional eater, had some toxic people in my life that could not continue with me on my growth journey. I discovered that self care and setting boundaries are an important part of protecting your mental health. I learned it's a process and some days will challenge you more than others. I learned to give myself permission to fail and restart again the next day. So far I've lost a total of 28lbs on the program. The program will challenge you. You will receive top notch coaching and support along the way.You will surprise yourself at times. Your experience will be individualized and it will be worth it in the end. I highly recommend the program for anyone looking to jumpstart a new beginning and start taking steps towards a happier healthier tomorrow. Good luck on your journey.”

Nick N.