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A decade running and 15+ years of coaching, research, study, and credentials, we know we're ready to get you to greatness.

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Energy Mastery is all you need.

Knowing what you want to achieve is everything to get results. When you're in the best energy, nothing and no one can stop you from making your biggest desires happen. Apply to work with us 1:1, and see your whole life change.

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Get coached in your energy. Be a Master in your craft.

If you want the best energy coaching experience in your detox work, this is the route for you. Let us show you how you can master your energy levels with our Energy Leadership Index assessment + debrief, 1:1 coaching, direct 24/7 access, and more. Never feel out of place in your energy again.

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Ready for The BALANCE?


Rock the Detox started with our Challenge & signature group coaching program before it became a whole coaching platform as it is today. Our signature high-end service is coming back, but in a whole new way.

We started completing market research during quarantine with our near 100 clients brought in, and all our entrepreneur friends, on discovering their biggest problems. The one that won? BALANCE in their daily lifestyle.  

We're happy to announce (drumroll please!) we've evolved this service to a MASTERMIND for creative entrepreneurs. Introducing? Rock the Detox's The BALANCE, a mastermind dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and creatives discover how to live their balance between business & personal, for good. No more being undervalued in their craft. No more being undervalued in their family. Now, they can be happy with the balance of receiving love, and staying true to their values, while running for their dreams. 

We take limited spots in this mastermind because of the energy given to deliver results. We currently won't coach more than 10 clients per round so all clients can get the results they signed up for: INCREASED PROFITS and JOY. 

This is an off-the-top dedicated service. In order to see your results of choice, you must be fully committed, ready for the transformation. 


The BALANCE Mastermind Clients are accepted via application only. If not accepted, you'll be recommended to our best alternate service to help you get ready to reapply.


Our first Mastermind Round begins in 2021. Ready to finally unleash and live at your fullest potential? Begin the application process. Apply below.

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And to those just wanting a good Detox Challenge...

Guess what. In 2017 when first launching Rock the Detox, the very first service we launched on this platform was a Challenge to detox the mind, body, and soul. This is our 4th year running it, and still one of our clients' favs. Come check it out, and see if it's for you. 

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"Before enrolling in Rock the Detox, I felt like I couldn't move on. I was in the worst past love life, and my career did well, but I was crushing inside. After working with Nastasya Rose, I could breathe again."

-Kevin S., Entrepreneur Client

Your best life awaits

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