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I'm calling you out, my love. 

Are you getting frustrated at, well, everything this year? Feeling at times you're attracting all the things you don't want to attract? What if there were actual methods for you to attract everything you want, and more? 

This Challenge helps you make all the important decisions in the best energy on the daily, in the best awareness, and without anything messing with your mental. In this 8-week Rock the Detox Challenge, you get to secure all of that, to the max.

You're supported. You're home. You're safe. 

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I created this Challenge because I knew the importance of energetics and how mastering it is a necessity for attracting what we want.  


When I was as young as 4 years old, I had my first traumatic experience. Then, over the years, more traumatic things kept happening too for for TV. I never understood why I kept going through so much drama when I knew deep down I was a good person and wanted to live a good life like everyone else. 

Finally, when my mother was diagnosed with mental illness, it all made sense. Of course I was attracting all the trauma in the world. I was living it at homeI 

I began researching and studying energy mastery and the influence of it in our environment and ourselves at 14 years old. I always wanted to create a platform to help other successors attract the life they want no matter what they've been through with energy mastery using all methods backed by psychology and science.

I was hungry for it! I knew this was everything to rid the drama and attract the life we want!

Finally, Rock the Detox, a coaching platform to detox toxic energy and make space for desired energy, was founded. And the Rock the Detox Challenge, an 8 week intimate experience to detox and master the energy in our space. and ourselves, was born.

Hundreds have completed this very Challenge meant to help create the energy we work so hard to have. No matter what pain you've faced, you can flip the script and have the energy you want.

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You make the right judgment calls, all. the time

The awareness you have when doing this energy work is unstoppable. With the Challenge being backed by science teaching you the top 3 influences of energy, and with getting educated on all parts of the brain that make the best executive decisions, you can't go wrong in having all the awareness in the world to make the best decisions for any situation.

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You're always in tune with your body, in confidence

Relentless is the word for what you feel as you're creating the body meant to walk this Earth. Our experts and Psychotherapist bring you the goods to get you confident every day.

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You're living your purpose to the fullest, making a difference

The exact reason you were created is the exact walk you're living today, everyday. It's time to be fully in that walk, knowing you're making the right leaps thanks to the support in this Challenge.

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You know how to always be in balance with how you move, with authentic movement in every step you take 

We're not here to stand inauthentically. We're here to help you stand in the most authenticity, making the most impact for a better world in what we do. Thanks to this Challenge, now you can. Unlearn what doesn't work, learn what does.

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All You Want Is In the Rock the Detox Challenge. Here's why.

Rock the Detox Challenge is a revamped 8 week transformational challenge to help you rid the energy that doesn't serve, to make space for the energy that does. This is crucial for anyone who wants to be in the best life desired. We promise that by the end of this Challenge, your awareness will be so heightened you'll feel on fire every day in the life you're creating. In this 8 week Challenge, you'll get to dive deep into your trauma and rid generational trends no longer serving you so you can release that dream life you work hard to live, but with less stress, more flow, and more excitement for the road ahead. 

Who is this for?

HECK YES. Count me in.
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What's Covered Each Week?

Here's what to expect.

No more limiting beliefs. Enroll today.

Here's what comes in the Challenge, love.


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Private Client Portal

Lifetime access to the tools and resources for the best detox life in your very own Client Portal. Access it anywhere.

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Rock the Detox Challenge access

We started this Challenge service in 2017 and it became something bigger as the years went by. It became the secret weapon our clients use to stay on point in mind, body, & soul through the year. Get access to this year-round with your Membership enrollment!

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Guest Speakers BONUS!

This is the very first time we've had guest speakers in any Challenge Round we've ever done since 2017. We care a ton for our clients to receive thee best, and we're taking a trust stretch here. But only because we brought in the best to speak, and lead the way.

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Rock the Detox Challenge Workbook

We know the importance of tracking as you go. This is why we launched our Rock the Detox Challenge Workbook. You literally can hit breakthroughs the whole coaching Round with this Challenge Workbook from beginning to end. 

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Weekly Group Coaching Sessions

This is life. Get coached in the most intimate space as you release everything that comes up for you in the Challenge to power through. This feature is upscale and lets you know you're not alone. 

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VIP Community Support

As a Challenge Client, you get access to the best VIP Community Lounge where you can share your wins, see where you need help, and gain the best love you've ever received in a Challenge. This is when you get to remember you're loved and supported when not in session. 

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TOP RECOMMENDED Tools & Resources

We're happy to share our Sponsors get very generous during our Challenges and offer discounts and opportunities you can't get anywhere else for the best support ever. 

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HIGH-END Concierge + Client Success Support

Whenever you feel lost, or confused, you can always reach us and we'll get back to you in a few hours faster than the rest. 

And our newest feature .. 1:1 Voxer support!

Man is this an exciting one! In all the years we've run this Challenge, we've never had 1:1 Voxer Coaching Support throughout the entire 8 weeks. This is the first Challenge Round we're doing this... This is a game changer! (By the way? No one does this. Not for this price. Enroll now before the price goes up ... because IT IS... first thing next Round.)


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FREAK yes. Count me in.
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Let's see the lineup!

We're so excited to see these Guest Coaches guiding you to greatness! 

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Suzanne Orlando, Psychotherapist

Suzanne is a Psychotherapist + Anxiety Alchemist with a passion for serving others. in ridding their anxiety for good as they redefine and live their purpose. Look forward to this beauty guiding you through on Mental Health!

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Ian Merzwinski, Founder of Beyond the Physique

Ian is a Los Angeles Model and Founder of Beyond the Physique, a company that trains clients to be in their best physical health on a virtual level, all while having a love for graphic design and photo. Look forward to this guest speaker guiding on all things peak performance and Physical Health.

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Michele Zandman, Founder of Revolutionize Nutrition

Michele is an IFBB Pro and Founder of Revolutionize Nutrition, one of the best nutritional counseling companies for celebrities and clients wanting to be great with their nutrition habits. Look forward to her guiding you on all the things Intuitive Eating and how it benefits the subconscious mind. 

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Hey, love! Here's WHY I'm the Best Fit to Work with You. 

Hey! My name's Nastasya Rose, and I'm a Certified Professional Coach, Holistic Energy Leadership Master Practitioner, and the Founder & Master Coach of Rock the Detox. Not only have I lost near 70 pounds after being diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure after delivering my son years ago, but I've transformed my relationships, my goals, and how I live life to next level as my own creative entrepreneur.

Even at a deeper level, after being diagnosed with PTSD from the trauma I've survived, I wanted to create a space where all can go to rid the energy that doesn't serve, and create space for the energy that does. I refused for anything faced in my life, or anyone's life, to be a crutch on why. we couldn't succeed. I also saw in the film industry (my Poppa's a filmmaker for over 30 years) the stressors that come with the trade, and I wanted to help be an empowering solution to that.

You don't have to be a therapist to guide on mental health and energy mastery. But you do have to know what lines you can and can't cross to create the space for others who want to find their balance, live their truth, and be the BOSS they know they are. With this Challenge, they can create that for themselves, and more.

If I had someone to help me through my mental + physical battles the way we do in our Rock the Detox Challenge, judgment free, I would've avoided some serious headaches, and mistakes. That's why I know this can work for you. I know what it takes to be consistent in our energy mastery, and sometimes it takes a few Challenge Rounds to do it. But our Clients have re-enrolled time and time again to reach success that kept them happy, seeing the results they wanted to see.

Enroll now, and I promise we won't disappoint you. We serve with our whole heart. There's few out there like me and my team.

You're meant to live your best life; no matter what anyone says. All it takes it tweaking your energy strategy to make the vision real. Claim it. Before it passes you by.

Jump. I'll see you inside. 

xoxo, Nastasya Rose

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Umm... did you say BONUSES???!

YES. These bonuses are REAL. Make sure you DO NOT catch a case of the FOMO on this one. Grab these bonuses today.


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Melissa Ruiz, Soulful Business Coach + Yoga Instructor

Melissa bring forth one of the best yoga sessions you can experience at a virtual level! Former MTV + VH1 TV Producer turned multiple 6 figure soulful business coach, Melissa knows all about stress in the creative life and what it takes to eliminate that unwanted energy. Enjoy her yoga session to be more in your happy place.

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Farrah Roberts, Sound + Reiki Master Teacher

Farrah is one of most beautiful souls you'll ever meet. Bringing forth her gifts, she delivers. forour creatives a powerful singing bowl session to cleanse the soula nd heal the heart, Tune in to this experience as you soothe your soul in your journey as a creative.

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Maria Noe, Somatic Bodywork Healer

Maria is an experienced Somatic Healer for creative entrepreneurs specifically, helping them heal from anything holding them back. Somatic work is powerful to remove trauma and eliminate anything that doesn't serve to make space for what does. Enjoy her session, and rid what's holding you back so you can live the creative life you desire.

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Liz Jones, Purpose Coach

Liz is such a gifted soul + master at helping women know the passion + purpose they're meant to live. Enjoy her session of knowing how to dive into your purpose, live it in confidence, and make a difference in the world in what you know you're born to do. 

And are you ready for this?? Our Creative Director Jessica Enrik kicks us off with a CLEARING Meditation Kickoff for our Challengers!!

Being a creative entrepreneur is NOT for the faint of heart! In order to get it done must be so super clear on what your vision is, and how you're running for it. To help with this, our designer Jessica Enrik is bringing you the same gifts she's brought us in our vision work. A clearing meditation to help you get aligned, and clear, on everything you're running for in this Challenge. Get ready for this KICKOFF!

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  • Guest coaches + speakers!
  • Top Notch Accountability with our NEW Rock the Detox Challenge Workbook!
  • Tools & Resources at Rock the Detox discounts
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Get the Challenge VIP treatment to end all the drama + bring all the best energy, to the MAX, for the best results possible. 

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Top features

  • Private Client Portal
  • VIP Community Lounge
  • Rock the Detox Challenge access 


  • Guest coaches + speakers!
  • Top Notch Accountability with our NEW Rock the Detox Challenge Workbook!
  • Tools & Resources at Rock the Detox discounts


  • Energy Leadership Index Assessment 
  • Energy Debrief Session (to reveal where you are NOW in your energy for clarity on what to do to improve it) 
  • TOP NOTCH recommendations for how to improve your energy in the areas you want to improve!
  • Recorded session in video + audio in your private client portal for LIFETIME ACCESS + convenience!
  • High-end Concierge Support

Limited spots available!

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Next round starts November 16th. Enroll today.

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The Rock the Detox Challenge is NOT for...

  • The one who's going to judge the coaching the whole time
  • The one who thinks they know it all without being open-minded on the awakening 1:1 coaching can bring
  • The one who makes excuses for everything
  • The one who isn't coachable
  • The one who complains on every single step they have to take 
  • The one who says "This is ridiculous why am I doing this!"
  • The one who spends more time running their mouth than taking action on improving their life without talk
  • The one who holds back from doing what they know they're supposed to do 
  • The one who has a problem with being consistent 
  • The one who spends more time judging than taking action 
  • One who fakes the work
  • One who blames the coaching rather than being in integrity looking at themself
  • The one who isn't ready to be their highest self, ever

The Rock the Detox Challenge IS for...

  • The one who wants to gain clarity over your life, weight and mental health

  • The one who wants to learn to trust your intuition instead of going against it

  • The one who wants the 7 level of energies backed my science that can connect you can to your own energy and eliminate toxic people
  • The one who wants to be more intuitive in their everyday life so they can  learn to trust themselves 
  • The ones done holding themselves back and buying into the limiting beliefs that have controlled them 
  • The ones wanting accountability to finally change your situation so that you can reach your goals?
  • If you're trying to lose weight too, the ones who want to lose weight in 6 weeks and finally feel more aligned in their every day life

Want Testimonials? Sure thing. Toma.

See how our clients have transformed. Get motivated to do the same. 

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Stephanie C.

Rock the Detox has truly helped me put my life back in order. In April of 2019 I was all over the place mentally, physically, and emotionally. I was super stressed out because of my job, with the finances not knowing what I was going to do. Then physically I kept going back-and-forth with my weight, going up and down couldn’t manage it. Emotionally I was just constantly sad semi-depressed, mentally I was unable to keep focus I was surrounded by so much negativity.

I knew I needed to stop finding excuses and actually start putting in the work that I was learning about through the program.

The changes and shifts that were made were me cutting out any negativity out of my life and that included people and removing myself from situations that were filled with drama. I decided to actually apply for school to finish my last year instead of just talking about it.

Now I’m back in school.

I decided to truly detox my life completely because you need to cleanse every area of your life to make it better. I also choose to live a healthier lifestyle. So I cut out meat for a month and lost 10 pounds.

Most importantly I started believing in myself again. This detox allowed me to be in a better place I my life. I am in a better position at my job I got the promotion I was fighting for the past two years. I’ve had less drama in work and personal life. I am surrounded by positive people.

Making these changes have caused me to feel a lot more confident and amazing and I’m able to actually go out and have fun and enjoy myself now. I am working toward my degree to have my own business.

Fun Fact: This beauty started working with us as a client in one of our very first rounds of Rock the Detox in 2017. Now, she's a part. of our team as our Operations Manager. Talk about an uplevel! 

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Nick N.

I joined the Rock the Detox Challenge as a way to shed a few pounds.

I made one green smoothie for breakfast and another for lunch drank 32 oz of water every 3 hours  each day then had vegetables for dinner.

The hardest part physically was the first 8 days  After that I had a noticeable boost in energy and the hunger cravings resolved.

The unexpected part of the experience was the emotional journey. It was almost as if when I started to value, care for and prioritize my own needs something in the universe shifted. I discovered I can be an emotional eater, had some toxic people in my life that could not continue with me on my growth journey.

I discovered that self care and setting boundaries are an important part of protecting your mental health.  I learned it's a process and some days will challenge you more than others.  I learned to give myself permission to fail and restart again the next day.

So far I've lost a total of 28lbs on the program. The program will challenge you. You will receive top notch coaching and support along the way.You will surprise yourself at times. Your experience will be individualized and it will be worth it in the end.

I highly recommend the program for anyone looking to jumpstart a new beginning and start taking steps towards a happier healthier tomorrow. Good luck on your journey.

Fun Fact: This client is a repeating Challenger, and has upgraded himself to 1:1 coaching. Way to go, you!

And some text love from our clients...

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Umm, YEAH. Totally in. Sign me up.
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