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What is Rock the Detox?

Rock the Detox is an alternative mental health care service for creatives to master their energy so they can ignite the vision and manifest how they're meant to serve the world for the greater good.

This platform's vision began at a super young age. First, when I was as young as 8 years old, I witnessed struggles from celebrity living by looking at the known figures my father worked with in his filmmaking career. I saw areas of addiction in sex, drugs, and alcohol where I wanted to help heal.

Then, at 14 years old when my mother was diagnosed with mental illness, I saw how the trauma affected my energy and prevented me from living the life I wanted.

Finally, it all made sense. It was a necessity to detox, manage, and master our energy to truly stop the drama, end generational trauma, and manifest the life we want. Now, I coach hundreds of awesome soul clients every year to help them be in the best energy so they can be free in releasing their vision to serve the world with no circumstances holding them back.

Revive your mind & body to energy that's 100% you. You're meant to live the life you dream at night. The only step that's left is the right energy work backed by psychology and science to manifest it with less stress and more flow. Live the life you're meant to live. Rock the Detox will get you there.

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Follow our Founder's detox journey. @nastasyarose

Follow our Founder Nastasya Rose as she coaches creatives around the world in detox work for Mental Health + Energy Mastery.


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